Your man's support is everything—except if you want to take ballroom lessons and he wants in!

I consider myself someone who is always eager to try new things, experiences and do everything I can to stay young and hip (even if eventually that just means at heart). My daughter Alexis used to take ballroom lessons when she was younger and let me tell you—she killed it! She was just such a natural, which wasn’t the same case for hip-hop and don’t tell her I said this, she’ll probably never really read my blogs so I’ll know she didn’t hear it from me.

This little chick was just awesome at ballroom and then one day she decided that she no longer wanted to do it. I was pretty heartbroken but refused to continue to invest money on something she didn’t want to do and when she’d go to family parties and I’d hope she’d show off her skills she looked more like a kid kid grape-stomping than an actual dancer. Never wanted to really dance in front of my family or friends.

Here I am a couple of years later missing the times I watched her dance ballroom and then I had a great idea—why don’t I take ballroom lessons instead of trying to live vicariously through Alexis (which was no longer happening). I got all excited and told my hubby very casually that I wanted to take ballroom. I consider myself a good dancer of Spanish music and ballroom was about acquiring technique, style and working on my split, again. He was as awesome as I always expect and got super excited for me, said it was a great idea. I’m already picturing myself wearing those beautiful outfits, and possibly competing—why not! They have the non-professional division for adults or whatever that's called. I was ecstatic until he said ‘when do we start? WTF! When do WE start?! Hmmm, I didn’t calculate him to this equation or invite him to this party. I just wanted to take lessons by myself. He asked me why I didn’t want to take the lessons with him and I answered with a sweet smile and as empathetic to his reaction as possible “baby, you’ll be holding me back”. And now he was like WTF! You see, my husband had two left feet, he’s tried salsa lessons and all and when they play a song he just counts 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3 and completely disregards the fact that music actually has beats that you should follow, not numbers.

Long story short, we went to a business mixer a month later and by pure coincidence it happened to be at a ballroom studio—of all things! We mingled and danced a little following the steps of the instructors and by the end of the night we were signing up for our first ballroom lesson TOGETHER! I’m just waving my white flag now as we go to dance lessons together; they feel more to me like marching in place, but I can tell you this much, we have an incredible time together. I laugh at his dance moves and he cracks jokes all the time, and he loves watching me have fun. It ended up being a win-win situation for both, but it doesn’t take away from the fact that the man just needs to get an injection with rhythm. Watch him in action.

Eventually I think I’ll take some lessons separate, but for now I’m enjoying taking them with my very supportive husband.

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