Turn your Pain into Purpose

Pain sucks! Yes, no matter how positive you try to be, it's not fun or pretty. However, there is growth in pain and the obstacles you face in life--after all, the saying 'what doesn't kill you definitely makes you stronger' couldn't be more true and if you are smart you would have learned a lesson from the sour experiences life has thrown your way. I want to share this amazing video of one of my best friends, Angelina Rosario

She has endured so much and yet, she's become a powerhouse, I mean she's only the Director of Sales for Cox Media Group Miami, a multi-media company housing some of the most important radio stations in South Florida. I don't want to get you all teary-eyed with her full story so today I share a clip she posted on how she's turned pain into purpose, because I know many of us are facing difficult situations. Enjoy babes!

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