These 8 Sex Positions are a Hell of a Workout! Let's see if you've tried them all

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

So we’ve all heard that sex can be a great workout—and of course, it can vary depending whether it's new-fling sex or long-time married sex. But ladies, it truly is up to us to change things up because men are usually satisfied if they just get to hit it, and it doesn’t matter how. We on the other hand feel that sex is too much work at times; even if we just lay there. If we actually make it a point to have fun and go in it thinking about all the potential calories we can burn, which can equal a workout session, we may be more motivated to ‘get it on’ more often than not. And let me just mention that if you put on a little makeup and get yourself a sexy set of bra and panties it will inspire you to be more of that seductress you never thought you had in you (try it and see).

Because I have been in a relationship for a long time, it is often hard to keep things interesting and spicy, but I am always looking for means to stay fit in a fun way. SO feeling a little inspired by the fact that the month of February I celebrated my anniversary, Valentine's Day and my husband's birthday I decided to do some research on the most calorie-burning, muscle-building positions during sex and these are the winners. P.S. because I didn’t want to feature images that were too graphic, and you can’t just grab artwork from the internet I had my husband draw them up in stick-figure form, so please don’t lose your shit cracking up, instead use them as guidance and read on why each particular position is great and how they workout out your body. Birthday/anniversary/just because/It’s date night sex! Let’s get it!

1. The Bridge

This pose is not easy! For starters you are using your arms and legs. You need to stabilize yourself during the motion, which also forces you to hold your core. You are working out your thighs, booty, biceps, triceps, abs, quads and calves. Let’s see how long you can hold this position for! It looks like a killer and I can’t wait to try it.

2. The Lunges—the sexy kind

These are always tough but might feel way better during a night of passion. This position has you sitting on top of your partner while the other leg is extended behind, between babe’s legs. This move is great for the quad, front of the leg, hamstring, core and booty as well as the inner, outer thigh and let’s not forget about that nice stretch—which helps with aches, just remember to switch it up.

3. The Arch

This is a modified bridge pose where you are resting on your shoulders while you are using your legs to hold your lower body off the ground (whether that is the bed, kitchen counter, desk or the back of your car seat).

4. The Cowgirl

It’s a lot like riding a horse, but more fun of course. You are going to be using your lower abs and pelvic muscles, but if you want to make it even more challenging come up onto your feet and get your butt, legs and hips to build some muscle.

5. The Lotus

This position is very similar to the missionary position, but many of the muscles you’re using on your ‘cowgirl’ position are going to be engaged, such as the core because you’re using it to stabilize the body and the booty is also worked on during the thrusting motion.

6. Standing

You may think he’s doing all the work, but think about how much work it takes from your core and upper leg strength to stay hooked onto your partner, and if you want to enjoy shower sex, then you better start practicing so you don’t slip when you’re both wet.

7. The Shoulder Stand

These are like the lying leg raises that just leave your lower abs extremely sore—except you’re getting assistance and it should be way more exciting. Soooo nobody gets hurt, start on missionary position and then have your man slowly put all his weight on his knees, and grab your legs so that you end up on the lying leg raises

8. The Doggy-Style

The motion will make you hold your core tight because you need to stabilize your body and your booty as well so you don't end up on your face. Try it, keeping these two muscles in mind and see if you don’t end up sore.

If you're wondering how the 'creative process’ came about to give you this work of art I'd like to call my sex-figures, here‘s a brief clip I took while my hubby got to business.

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