The Self Love You Never Knew You Needed! Don’t know where to start? Let me tell you

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

There is nothing sexier and more beautiful about a woman than when she has #selflove. This means you understanding the things that make you happy, not settling for less and checking people who try to step on you. We are celebrating the month of February and instead of thinking of couples and relationships and trying to figure out who’s going to give you that delicious chocolate heart for Valentine’s day, you’re going to be busy nurturing your self-love.

1. Looking your best! When was the last time you wore that sexy red lipstick or those stilettos that make you look like you belong on the runway of Milan’s Fashion Week (yes it’s a dream of mine, but maybe you share it, too) or perhaps it’s that outfit that’s been sitting in your closet for months just waiting for you to have ‘the right occasion’ to wear it. Babe, if you keep waiting for the right opportunity for this, 2021 is going to catch you in the same sweat outfit you’ve been wearing on Friday night. Be spontaneous and do you for one day or night this week. You know there’s nothing better than having your friends tell you ‘wow look at you all fabulous and sassy’.

2. Yes You Do Need that in your Closet! Whether it’s a purse, a pair of shoes or an outfit you’ve been stalking for a while, just get it! Need I remind you that we only live once and tomorrow is not guaranteed—unless it means not buying yourself a meal, and I say this because I did this in college. It was either the nice going out top or the meal. Shame on me.

3. Be Kind to yourself. I’m not sure why you’re so hard on yourself…oh wait, yes I do, we’re women and we do that. BUT right now I need you to cut yourself some slack. Whatever the fuck-up was or the outburst of emotional hormones that turned into a text you regret, let it go. We’ve all been there and you can say I’m sorry with an open heart. If you are a perfectionist and something didn’t turn out quite like you planned, trust me, you can redeem yourself or you’re probably overthinking it and nobody noticed that minor detail that escaped you. And if you were a little too rough on your kids today because of all your daily stresses it is completely OK for you to look a them in the eye and tell them you’re sorry for overreacting. Mommies are not perfect and we make mistakes, too. Trust me, your children will appreciate this humble act of kindness. I know because I’ve done it, too. Let it go, babe!

4. Pencil in a girls night out or a girls night in! Just the thought about it makes me excited. If you got a man, throw him out, tell him to go play poker with the boys or shoot some pool. If you got a man and kids ask them to finally go have dinner at your mother-in-law’s house who’s been harassing you all to come over for a meal, and then ask them to catch a movie, too. If you don’t have a man or kids then it should be an easy fix. Just buy some wine and tell the girls to come over. Better yet, find out how much one of those artists that teaches at places such as ‘Painting with a Twist’ charge to come over for a private session and make it an artistic therapy with some boozy goods. Did I spark an idea???

5. Order Takeout and Soak in the Tub. Nothing is more relaxing than having dinner delivered, filling your tub, pouring yourself a well-deserved glass of wine or strawberries and champagne and soaking in the tub as you listen to relaxing music or read a book. If you feel the urge to do that right now my work here is done and there is no need for you to finish reading this post!

6. Plan a Trip. Whether is with friends, family or your significant other. Plan a trip short-term, because after all we are talking instant gratification here.

7. Schedule some #metime . This can be doing any of the above or just simply going to a café, having your favorite latte accompanied by something sweet (guilt-free please, I’ll tell you how to burn the calories later) and enjoying YOUR time. You are a CHICK—Confident Hip In Control Knockout and YOU deserve this! It’s called self-love and not only is it beautiful and sexy AF, but necessary for you to be happy.

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