Revenge Body workout with me and my lil CHICK

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

I've been a workout enthusiast most of my life, although I always preferred sports, in particular mountain biking, however it can be pretty dangerous, especially for someone as clumsy as I am. I always come back home looking like I fought some type of wild animal in the woods, but that's never discouraged me from doing it. The biggest problem with it is that I can't do it alone (for safety reasons) and it takes a long time.

When I discovered HIIT workouts (High Intensity Interval Training) I was immediately hooked. I love the fact that they are intense, to the point, targeted and short and they happen to deliver maximum results, but it got even better when my daughter Alexis started joining me and now this has become a time we both share together, we bond, we laugh and the best part is that we ENJOY IT! Yes, you can enjoy exercise, and why no invite your 'mini me' to the party. This one is a similar workout to the one Khloe Kardashian implements in her routine, which targets legs, booty and core. Complete 4 rounds of the following exercises :30 seconds of intense work and :30 seconds break. I use an app called GYMBOSS

I love this app because you simply program the workouts in the app as the intervals, in this case it's :30 seconds on and :30 seconds break, add your music and the app tells when its time to move on to the next interval. There is no timekeeping on your part, you just do the work, burn the calories and that's it! Now let's get busy, you sexy knockout!\

Squat Jumps :30 seconds followed by :30 second break

Mountain Climbers :30 seconds followed by :30 second break

Box Jumps :30 seconds followed by :30 second break (in this case bench jumps)

Jumping jack planks :30 seconds followed by :30 second break

Skaters :30 seconds followed by :30 second break

Deadlifts with Dumbells :30 seconds followed by :30 second break

Double Leg-lifts ::30 seconds followed by :30 second break

(count to five when bringing your legs down and five when bringing them up😜 )

Repeat this set of exercises 3 more times for a killer workout and let me know how you feel! You can also connect with me via instagram @thatsmealexg

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