Plank your way to sexy arms and abs! Why this is the baddest core exercise!

Let’s be honest, how many times can you say the word FUCK in one minute? If you don’t know try holding a plank! A plank may seem simple when you scroll through your Instagram or Facebook feed watching others hold it, but I invite you to try the queen of all exercises that yields to tone arms and abs. This is a key move for beginners and advanced fit queens.

I love variation when it comes to my workout routine. Just like my sex life, I like things spicy and different to avoid monotony, BUT the plank is a staple in most of my routines as well as the burpee. To build a strong core you don’t need the 1001 variations on the sit-ups, you can just stick to the plank and here is a bonus: you will also be working out your arms and side body.

The Benefits of a High Plank:

· Helps you achieve that nice flat belly you’ve been yearning for (along with good nutrition)

· Supports your lower back which in turn helps with back aches and better posture

· Will help you in other activities such as yoga, running, dancing, weightlifting and hiking.

How to do a High-Plank

1. Get in a that doggy-style position with your hands stacked right under your shoulders and knees bent stacked under your hips

2. Take one leg back at a time and be sure to put your booty down as you squeeze it along with your heels while you hold your core maintaining a straight line from head to heels—make that stomach tight.

3. Push away from the floor and don’t let your hips drop.

4. Start off by holding it for :30 seconds and repeat 4 sets until you can build up to holding it for 1-2 minutes repeating 4 rounds.

If you need to start with the forearm plank until you build more strength on your wrists (which was my case for a while) this is how it's done

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