'Let's Get Sexy AF' Four- Week Plan to Help You Lose Weight and Build Muscle

I know you want to lose weight, burn fat and build muscle, so lets get to work. When it comes to achieving all there are two types of exercise you should focus on:

Strength training because it helps lower body fat percentage, builds muscle and the best part is that your fitness level is irrelevant since it can be modified for all levels.

Cardio is the second type of exercise you need to incorporate into your workout schedule. The beauty about cardio is that it burns fat like crazy and you have so many different options to get your cardio in...hell even the bedroom can host a good sweaty cardio session and if you're thinking of ideas, I got you, just click here.

So let's get down to business! Here is a four-week program you can do from the comfort of your home, however you will need two sets of dumbbells. I recommend you get a pair of 20lbs and another of 5-10lbs for the different exercises you will complete. The workouts with weights will need to be modified as they become too easy for you to lift, since you need to continuously challenge yourself for growth and to achieve your desired results.

What you need to complete the Four-week program on list form:

  • A yoga mat

  • A set of light and heavy dumbbells

  • A resistance band

  • A sturdy chair or bench to step-up on

Before we begin there is something I want you to remember--everyone's body is different! Your strong and healthy will look different on you as it does in others. I am Latina, and therefore I have a big booty and thighs; it's was a while before I came to terms with the fact that I'll never be that skinny super model type, but I am healthy, I had two beautiful girls and at 39 I feel stronger than ever. The only competition is YOU, so continue to challenge YOU, and YOU'll always be winning.

Here is how to follow the four-week program

Monday's strength workouts should be performed as Super-Sets. A super-set is when you do two exercises back to back with little to no rest in an effort to maximize the results

Monday: Strength Training

Superset 1: Do four sets

· Exercise 1: Goblet squats: 12 reps

· Exercise 2: Dumbbell pullover or Lat pull (you can use the machine or a band): 12 reps

Superset 2: Do four sets

· Exercise 1: Step-up: 10 reps each leg (to make this more challenging, hold two five- to 20-pound dumbbells by your sides)

· Exercise 2: Single-arm row: 12 reps each arm

Superset 3: Do four sets

· Exercise 1: Single-leg glute bridge: 10 reps each leg

· Exercise 2: Bicep curls: 10 reps

Core: Plank: 30-second hold

Tuesday Cardio

On Tuesdays we run, swim, dance, walk or do whatever it takes to get your heart rate going. I personally love a good HIIT workout suing bodyweight for a killer cardio session. Or, how about you join me for a live workout for the next four weeks starting next Tuesday 4/20 at 6:30pm EST. I will be doing it via instagram live and you are welcome to join me @Thatsmealexg for the next four weeks. Here are the dates: 4/20, 4/27, 5/4, and 5/11 as we complete this four-week program together.

Wednesday Strength Training

Do 3 sets of each

· Romanian Deadlift: A deadlift can be performed with a barbell or a set of dumbbells. Here is an example of each.

· Weighted glute-bridge:12 reps then pulse for 20 at the end (each after 12 reps)

· Kettle bell/Dumbbell swing: 12 reps

· Donkey kicks using a dumbbell or resistance band: 12 each leg

· Single-leg RDL (Romanian Dead-lift): 12 each leg

Thursday Cardio

Today you get to choose how you wish to bring up your heart rate for 20-30 minutes. You can go for a walk, light jog, a swim, bike ride or just dance it out to your favorite playlist. Now, if you wish you were a runner but you've tried and feel just isn't your thing here is one you can do for about 20 minutes which will be just as good as going for a good run

And once you're done with this HIIT, or the cardio workout of your choosing you are going to perform the following ab workout:

Ab Workout: Grab a chair and complete two rounds of the following workout. If necessary, feel free to modify the amount of reps you do each exercise for.

Side plank with leg-lift: 20 right

Crunch right-left: 20 total

Side plank with leg-lift: 20 left

Friday Conditioning Day!

We are almost done and it's time to finish with a bang! Today we are going to push ourselves and do super-sets. The workout may feel a little more intense but you got this! Remember, super-sets are two different workouts that are done back to back with little to no rest. Let's do this!!

Superset 1: Do three sets

· Exercise 1: Squat to overhead press: 10 reps

· Exercise 2: Jump rope: 30 seconds

Superset 2: Do four sets

· Exercise 1: Weighted glute bridge or a barbell hip thrust: 12 reps

· Exercise 2: Dumbbell floor press: 12 reps

Superset 3: Do three sets

· Exercise 1: Plank with row: 10 reps on each arm

· Exercise 2: Seated knee tuck: 15 reps

AND YOU ARE DONE!!! I suggest you do some soothing Yoga Flow on Saturday or some good stretching exercises. Be very proud that you have officially completed your first week! You are on your way to become the best version of you--strong, healthy, fit and SEXY AF!

Remaining Weeks

So now what? You will repeat this exact plan for weeks two, three, and four. Please remember, you can always increase the weight and decrease the time you take between each exercise during your supersets. And the most important thing is to START! Take that step for yourself and your loved ones, you will definitely have a much better quality of life. If you have any questions feel free to shoot me an email at Thatsmealexg@gmail.com or a DM on my IG @thatsmealexg

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