If you only have time for 3 workouts in the week and still want results, these are it! Day 3

I see you are staying committed to this week's 3 workouts and I promise they will pay off! These are HIIT style-workouts so go ahead and enter them onto your #gymboss app so it's easier to focus on the workout and not on keeping the time and tabs on which workout is next.

Day 3: Cardio and Abs

What you need: A mat, a stability ball and water

Directions: Always warm up before you start your workout. This HIIT sesh is a little different because some of the exercises are :30 seconds of work followed by a :30 second break, while others are :40 seconds of work followed by a :30 break. The workout takes about 14 minutes. Complete two rounds for a workout that will leave you feeling fire and for a total of 28 minutes of intense cardio and ab goodness.

Mountain Climbers :30

Walkouts :30

Burpees :30

Box Toe Touches :30 (you can use a step or a treadmill like I did)

Drop Squat :30

Mountain Climbers: 30

Twerk! Yes Twerk :30

Ball Pass:40

Knee Tuck:40

Plank with Leg lifts

Side Ball Leg Lifts :40 on each side

Abs on the Ball: 40

Twerk Again: 40 and You're Done with one round!

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