If you only have time for 3 workouts in the week and still want results, these are it! Day 2

Welcome to day number 2!!! We are focusing on weights today. I suggest you take tomorrow off and stretch after the workout so you will avoid being so sore. Get ready because this is the true definition of No Pain No Gain! If you want to message me and tell me how much you hate me after this workout I will gladly chat with you IF @thatsmealexg

Day 2: Weight Training

What you need: A pair of dumbbells (between 5lbs-25lbs each) a mat and water

Directions: Start a warm up for about five minutes. I recommend jumping jacks, belt-kick squats, butt kicks, mountain climbers and stretching your legs and arms.

Bulgarian Split Squat with weights 3 sets of 12 reps (per leg)

Goblet Full Squat 3x12

Donkey Kicks with weights 3x12 on each leg alternating after each set

Kettle Bell/Dumbbell Swings 3x12

Deadlifts 3x12

Bicep Curls 2x12

Side to side lunges with dumbbell 3x12

Triceps Kickback 2x12

See! You did it and I'm so honored you chose my blog to find some inspiration and what I feel are sets of kickass workouts! There is only one day left. Feel free to take tomorrow off and recover, stretch and get ready for day 3! I will continue to upload more workouts each week and other fun topics I find exciting and I hope you will, too! Thanks for the love you sexy CHICK!

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