If you only have time for 3 workouts in the week and still want results, these are it! Day 1

You have wholeheartedly made the decision that this is the year you finally wear those cute crop tops, or that sexy mini-skirt and you’re definitely not skipping out on that bikini you’ve been checking out for moths! Well my sexy CHICK (Cool Hip Confident In Control Knockout) I have three workout days for you to hit hard! Let’s face it, setting unrealistic goals is the first step to failure and discouragement. If you’ve never been into working out on a consistent basis, start at least with three days a week and go hard! These workouts followed by a healthy lifestyle will definitely deliver results and in the process nurture that love you've always longed for exercise.

Day 1: Full Body no weights #Plyo

I love this his 20-minute #HIIT workout! It involves 10 basic bodyweight moves, many of which are plyometric exercises (in short terms jump training that makes you drip in sweat until you feel the burn). You'll alternate between 30 seconds of work and 30 seconds of rest. During those first 30 seconds, give it your all to really maximize the calorie-burning, biniki-making effects of #HIIT

What you need: A mat and water

Directions: Start with a warm up for about five minutes with some stretches, lunges, and arm circles. Once you're done with the warm up start up your timer (Gymboss is excellent). Do each exercise below for 30 seconds, then take a 30 second break after each move. The workout takes 10 minutes. Repeat for a total of two times, for a 20-minute workout. But if you really want to push yourself lets hit this HIIT 3 times!

Jump Squats

Froggy Jumps


Cross Jacks

Alternating Side Plank

Lateral Bunny Hops

Alternating Full Plank to Forearm Plank


Plank Jacks

V-Crunches (or V-Ups)

You took the hardest step--starting! Today is Day 1 and you did it! Check out what day 2 has in store for you and let's bring sexy back! Thanks for checking out HIITLikeaCHICK!

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