Can't get a straight answer as to what to do first cardio or strength training? I got you!

This is one of the most frequent questions people ask themselves when they first decide to start working out When I started taking my workouts more seriously researched this question and believe it or not there just isn’t a straight answer. I learned it all depends on your fitness goals. I have always been told to get your weight training done first and then do cardio, but after reading several articles on the subject the question circles back to the goals you are trying to achieve with your training.

According to Lance Dalleck, Ph.D., associate professor of exercise and sport science at Western State Colorado University in Gunnison, Colorado the sequencing of your workout matters, and it comes and the optimal sequence for one individual will be different from the other. Now, please don’t get frustrated, you’re probably thinking “just answer the damn question”! Well, here it is:

When to decide if you should do weights or cardio first?

If you want to get faster: Do CARDIO first. According to his study, those who did cardio first experienced 12 beats per minute higher, which translates to your workout feeling a lot harder than it actually was.

If you want to lose weight—and I just saw a whole lot of hands going up: Do STRENGTH TRAINING first. I had the misconception years ago that if I did strength training, I’d get bulky and look like one of those body builders and boy I could not sound more ridiculous to this wiser me. You see, resistance training builds muscle and when you have more muscle you burn more calories at rest. “Since your resting metabolic rate makes up the majority of your daily caloric energy expenditure, if your goal is weight loss, it makes sense to do that first,” says Dalleck. During his study he discovered that those who performed resistance training for 10 weeks increased resting metabolic rate by 7 percent and reduced fat by four pounds.

But here is the deal, as much as some people dread cardio, don’t skip it because it will burn more calories minute for minute than strength training will—reason why I LOVE HIIT! High Intensity Interval training. You can get cardio and strength training in one session, although I still have separate days where I strictly do weights.

If you want to get stronger: Do STRENGTH TRAINING first

If you want to improve your balance: YOU NEED YOGA in your life!

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