Abs for days and no crunches! Our little CHICKS share this abs-olutely awesome routine

We all want abs and there are a million and one exercises to get them that don't involve crunches so we asked Alexis and Thalia to share with is this ab workout routine that is sure to pack on the six pack for you and your tween/teen. Check it out!

  • Single leg Bird dog 25 each leg

  • 10 Inchworms

  • 25 Flutter Kicks

  • 25 Russian Twists with 8lb kettlebell (turn to each side and thats one rep)

  • 1-2 Minute plank

  • 25 Side plank with knee to chest on each side

How do you feel? Yeah, my abs hurt, too, but you know how it goes 'no pain no gain'! Thanks so much for stopping by!

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