What's up beauties, I'm Alex G, mom and entrepreneur, founder of Hiit Like a CHICK, a community dedicated to helping women feel sexy and moms feel supported through workouts, stories and experiences; because we all want to shine, but stars shine more beautifully together!  

And before you think I'm using the word 'Chick' as the fragile small bird that is far from the strong, powerhouse YOU ARE, who chairs board meetings, runs a household, governs nations and like Beyonce says "Smart enough to make these millions, Strong enough to bare children then get back to business".. let me set you straight!  This  CHICK all in capital letters stands for a Confident Hip In Control Knockout!  

 I decided to create this community to motivate you to get fit,(especially with HIIT workouts) and talk about the things we go through on a daily basis; relationships, kids, family, sex while still maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


 I want to reiterate the LOVE I have for doing HIIT workouts due to their effectiveness, versatility and non-existent monotony, which is why I also found another great to define HIIT as not just High Intensity Interval Training, but as a powerful set of initials that mean living life Happy, Intelligently, Intensely and Thriving.

Ready to get fit, have fun and share life experiences? Let's do this!!

A little more About Me


What's up babes!  As I mentioned above, I'm Alex G, and the whole idea about taking my passion and bringing it to life through this blog stems from the desire to unleash my creativity and be able to motivate others women into believing that if they want it, they can get it, and as a test to myself as well to do as I preach. I've always considered myself to be creative and free-spirited, but I guess I didn't have the drive or courage to actually 'create' something that allows me to express myself.  Most things I ever created or came up with were work related.  I've worked in the media industry since 2004 on its different facets, but it was on 2016 when someone thought I should be an on-air radio talent and although I didn't think I had what it takes and definitely struggled at the beginning, I had a great run hosting one of the number one afternoon shows in Spanish radio for iHeart Media in Miami/South Florida.  That came to an end right before I hit my three-year mark when management decided to go on a different direction and with a couple of months to reflect on how my life took that turn, I felt it was finally time to express my vision and let my imagination have some fun, share my positive nature and some of the stories that have shaped my life.  I've been with my husband for almost 15 years and when I dove into the relationship I became an instant step mamma to his three kids ( one of them only five years younger than me) and boy do I have stories because you can imagine how life was being with a single dad who had full custody of his kiddies after his ex tried burning the house down with all the children still inside...but that's another story.  I love fitness, dance and although it sounds cliche I truly enjoy helping and motivating people to do what their little hearts desire.  I consider myself the therapist of most of my friends and I love it.  I can still party whenever the occasion arises because being a mom is no excuse to give up the sexy, sassy, fun woman you are. So THANK YOU FOR STOPPING BY and I look forward to getting to know you!


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